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Clear colored blocks and switch them up with Swicheroo Deluxe! 

Scatter a picture puzzle and see how many turns it takes to complete the puzzle.


Do you have a good memory?  Test it out, with My Little Memory Game.

Guess the phrase, or get hung with My Addicting Hangman.

Play a little chess while your here.

You've played tic tac toe before but not Yes & No Tic Tac Toe!

Can you make these addicting games better? 

You can own the source code to them for a few bucks!


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It's been a while. But better late than never: New version, updated with refreshed code.

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Clear blocks game

Switcheroo Deluxe - Clear blocks game.   Clear colored blocks to advance.

The object of Switcheroo Deluxe is to click on sets of the same color blocks in numbers of 2 or more to clear sections of the game screen. You can advance levels by clicking on "Level Up" at the top of the window if your points match or exceed those pre-determined to qualify for the next difficulty level. If you get stuck you can select "Reset" from the file menu which will scatter the colored boxes in another order so as to make more moves possible..

My Addicting Games contains some home made games.  Can you take what we made a few years ago and make them better?  If so, grab the game source code here.

Download some addicting games

You can download our tetris like game.  You can download our picture puzzle game.   How about a little memory game?  Guess the phrase or get hung with My Addicting Hangman.  Don't forget to check out our other addicting games.


Download my free addicting game:  Switcheroo Deluxe

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